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Our carports are designed to allow for a quick installation while providing a stylish aesthetic finish. The process of construction and installation will usually take less than a day. There are a number of factors that need to be considered as part of the carport installation process. The location of the carport needs to be decided. There needs to be the correct amount of space available. The size of the carport needs to be assessed. There may even be a requirement for a double carport.

Carports Melbourne are able to arrange a carport installation. We can identify the type of carport and the size you require when we understand what it is to be used for, as there are a number of elements that we are able to adjust to match your requirements. When your carport installation work commences, it will be designed to fit into the identified space to meet the height and size requirements for the required purpose.

Add value and style to your property

Our experts not only select very well designed and engineered carport designs, but these designs will also become an attractive addition to a property. The use of a cantilever arm to support the roof of the carport provides more free space with the reduction of the number of supporting poles required. It also has the effect of providing a protected space that looks and feels more open.

Designed with the latest technology

Our carports are manufactured using industry-leading technology. They have slim lines and a smoothly shaped design with hidden fixing points. The structure is made from anodised aluminium to resist corrosion. They will also reduce the weight of the structure while ensuring that its strength is maintained.

The carports are available as kits. The kit will contain the same elements that are used by our carport installation team.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained to answer your questions as quickly as possible. If there is anything you would like to know about our carports or their installation then contact us during business hours by calling 1300 336 776, or use our web contact form at any time.

Professional and reliable service


The team at Carports Melbourne is committed to providing you with the highest level of service to ensure the selection and installation of your carport is a seamless process. It is our goal to assist you in identifying the details and specifications as part of choosing and purchasing your carport. Our experienced installation team are able to complete the construction professionally and quickly. They have been installing carports across Melbourne for many years and understand the requirements for providing you with a no fuss process that ensures you have a high-quality carport in place quickly.

Our carports and the installation are covered as part of our warranty arrangements. We are confident in the quality of the materials used in their construction. Our team of professionals can provide a convenient and efficient service, enabling you to enjoy your new carport faster.

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