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Double Carports Melbourne & Mornington

Double carports are shelters designed to protect two cars from the elements. They are also used to protect other large, bulky, or motorised items that might not fit in a garage. A garage is an expensive addition to a home. A double garage will be a very expensive addition. There is a lot of design work required and then there is the need for planning permissions and council approvals.

For many households, the reality is that two cars are needed. Even if you already have a garage you may require additional space. Do you currently have a car parked on your property during the day or night? Leaving it exposed to the elements leaves the potential for damage to the paint, or even worse, there can be the possibility of storm damage.

We understand the need to look after your car. We have worked hard to find the right protection that will work in our environment. We have identified double carport designs that are highly functional and at the same time have a very modern and stylish appearance. These designs will add value to your property. This is exactly what you need to keep your car under cover to save it from the strong Australian sun and to protect it from storms and hail.

Save money with a double carport

It is simple for you to shelter your car and at the same time protect your wallet from future costs by investing in a good quality shelter solution. Our double carports are easy to construct, and they are also available in double carport kits. They come in a range of colours to match your location and they also have matching gutters and downpipes for rainwater. Although our guarantee extends for 7 years, the expected service life of the materials is longer. Our double carports are engineered to Australian standards and have appropriate certification. There are no corners cut in the manufacturing processes and we know that the quality of the materials is high

If you are looking for an innovative and attractive double carport design with advanced protection for your vehicles, then our double carports can provide the solution you need.

Suitable for all weather conditions

We have focused on providing our clients with a superior double carport design that not only will perform well in local conditions, but will also add an element of style to your property. The carports we construct have been designed to function well in both the heat of the summer sun and the cold and wet of a Melbourne winter. They are also able to withstand winds of up to 125 kilometres per hour.

It is also able to block out one hundred percent of the intense ultraviolet rays we get in Australia. They even keep out around seventy-five percent of the heat from the sun’s rays so your car will be much more comfortable to get into even on the hottest of days.


The benefits of a cantilever arm


The use of a cantilever arm has been introduced to provide more free space with the reduction of the number of supporting poles required, as well as providing a space that looks and feels more open. Our carports are manufactured using industry-leading technology. They have slim lines, and a smoothly shaped design with hidden fixing points so it fits seamlessly with your space. The anodised aluminium framework is highly resistant to corrosion and very strong. The panels used on the roof are made from a special polymer that is 250 times stronger than glass, so you can feel safe about the protection from hail.

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