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Premium Carports

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Single Carports

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Double Carports

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Solar Carports

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Carport Kits

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Premium Carports in Melbourne & Mornington

Whether you’re looking for shade from melbourne’s wet winters or scorching summers, our carports provide the solution you’ve been searching for. Made from high quality anodised aluminium framework that is long lasting and corrosive free, our carports can be used for a variety products, including:

  • Innovative design that features the support post on the side, with the structure supported by a centilever arm.
  • Carports
  • Alfresco dining areas both residential and commercial.
  • Patios
  • Pools and spas
  • Pergolas
  • Play Areas
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Car yards

single carport

Single Carports Melbourne & Mornington

Whether you are buying a new or used car, buying a car is a substantial investment. So it is important to provide some protection for your investment. The external appearance of a motor vehicle will add to the resale value. When it comes time to resell your car or trade it in for a new vehicle, then you want it to look the best and be in the best condition possible. But even for daily life, it is nice to be able to drive a car that looks good and is well maintained.

If you want to make sure that your car will look good for a long time to come, then it is important to provide suitable protection. Unfortunately, installing a garage can be an expensive and very involved option. There is a range of considerations around location, materials, design, and length of time for construction.

double carport

Double carports Melbourne & Mornington

Double carports are shelters designed to protect two cars from the elements. They are also used to protect other large, bulky, or motorised items that might not fit in a garage. A garage is an expensive addition to a home. A double garage will be a very expensive addition. There is a lot of design work required and then there is the need for planning permissions and council approvals.

For many households, the reality is that two cars are needed. Even if you already have a garage you may require additional space. Do you currently have a car parked on your property during the day or night? Leaving it exposed to the elements leaves the potential for damage to the paint, or even worse, there can be the possibility of storm damage.

Solar Carports Com

Solar Carports

While a typical carport provides shade and weather protection for a car, it could be seen as an opportunity that has been missed. With the continuing advances in technology in the solar industry, there is the opportunity to instead of installing basic polymer panels, to install solar panels that are able to generate electricity and create a solar canopy.

These solar carports are able to be a versatile addition to any home. They can generate power using the sun while providing protection to your car. Solar has been recognised as one of the major sources of power into the future. There have been many advances made with the technology and it has become a very efficient and effective way of generating electricity.

carport kits

Carports Kits

A carport is an affordable alternative to a garage. It is relatively easy to install, and it can be adapted to meet your requirements. One of the valuable aspects of our carports is that they are available as carport building kits. If you are a practical kind of person, with the necessary technical skills and experience and the right equipment, and you want to save yourself a bit of money, then our metal carport garage kits might just be the thing you are looking for. We can arrange with you for the kit to be collected or we can have it delivered to where you plan to install your carport.

Modern Carports For Melbourne Homes

At Carports Melbourne, we are committed to providing our clients with quality modern carports that are advanced in their design and engineered to a high standard.

We have selected products that we are confident will be able to meet our clients’ needs. Carports have become a high-quality alternative to garages. They have moved from the basic designs into advanced engineering structures that can enhance the appearance of a property.

If you are looking for a quality carport anywhere around Melbourne, Mornington and Frankston areas that has an advanced design, then contact one of our advisors. We are able to provide you with extensive detail about the carports as well as take you through the process of selecting the most suitable design. We are also able to help you in identifying the required specifications and the processes for its installation.
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Carports add value to your property – Melbourne, Mornington & Frankston

We understand the importance of working closely with our customers to ensure that we are providing the most suitable cantilever carport for their property. We are offering a versatile structure that is able to provide protection for your cars and other areas around the house. They are suitable for commercial projects as well.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and understand that the best outcome is a client who is satisfied with the carport and the process associated with its purchase.

Our staff are trained and able to provide detailed information about our carports. We have a skilled professional team that is able to help with the process of designing the carport as well as its installation. We offer carport installation service in Mornington & Frankston areas as well.

Stylish and modern carports

Carports Melbourne offer a contemporary shading solution that is compact, as well as being easy to install and maintain. They are manufactured from anodised aluminium with quality polymer sheets on the roof. The modern carports we supply contribute to a property and enhance its presentation. They provide extra space and can be adjusted to suit our client’s needs.

These are stylish and functional cantilever carports with a modern design. They can be utilised in many different environments and they provide highly effective protection. They are manufactured from quality materials and have demonstrated their functionality at properties across our region

Our cantilever carports provide protection against ultraviolet radiation, heat, and hail. They can withstand winds of up to 125 kilometres per hour. They are available in a range of colours to match your environment.

As the level of technology and engineering continue to develop, we will continue to maintain the level of services to support the installation of new carports. Speak to us today, servicing Melbourne, Frankston & Mornington Areas.

What Carports Melbourne can do for you

If you are looking for a cantilever carport in Melbourne, Frankston or the Mornington areas, then we should be your first choice. We have been able to demonstrate our skills and knowledge with installations and we are able to provide customer referrals.

We enjoy working with modern carports in Melbourne and are constantly looking for ways to improve our services.

We provide a warranty on our carports of 7 years. They are manufactured to Australian standards and the manufacturer has certification.

Carports Kits Com

For a modern carport that provides an advanced weather protection solution, choose Carports Melbourne. Contact us by sending us a query using our web contact form

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